Sunday, February 15, 2009


So after all the rain we've had, today it was something like a blazing 2 million degrees! Today was also the day of the cooking fire demonstration. We learned how to build a fire (with damp wood and damp matches). Of course the bush knife was involved as well! The bush knife is always involved! We got to try building our own and then cooking something. Then we all went around to sample all the dishes for lunch today. I have never in my life been so hot!!!!!!!!!!! I was a walking Niagra Falls - literally!
I have grown very fond of rest time very quickly! In the beginning, ( a week ago) I was excited about having extra time to get stuff done. Now I can't wait to dive into my mosquito net bed! Such an easily trained body I have....
I'm hoping to attach a picture of a cook fire so you can get a glimpse of part of our day today. If there wasn't enough nutritional insentive to not have a fire this weekend, the fire in and of itself is enough to persuade me to eat raw this weekend! (starting this weekend, we have to spend both Sat & Sun in our haus kuk's cooking for ourselves) It's fruit and salad for me!! Can't wait!!
Have a good day!


  1. According to my time calculations, it is your birthday in PNG time !!! Happy Birthday !!!
    We are thinking of you and hoping you are having a great day. Your weather sounds like "hot yoga" class 24/7. Hopefully you have plenty of water to go with the fruit and salad to stay hydrated!
    Take good care. Love, Deb & Scott

  2. Hi Dena
    It is snowing today - care to come and cool off?
    Sounds like you are becoming a real camper, firemaking and all.
    The conference was great and enjoyed it all.
    Hope we can get the email thing worked out.
    Miss you.
    Chuck & Jan