Saturday, February 7, 2009


Hello everyone! I am currently experiencing a "clog" in my Outlook download. There seems to be a large attachment or message that has stopped the downloading process into Outlook. I am writing to ask you to please only send me personal messages, NO FORWARDS, or large memory messages while I am in PNG. I am sharing a dial up Internet connection with about 50 other individuals, therefore I only have access to download my messages on Monday and Wednesday evenings for 15 minutes each time.

Until I can complete the download process on this one message, I am unable to send any messages out to you in reply. So, there they sit in my outbox folder. Sadly waiting for an opportunity to be sent over the computer waves into your inbox folder.

Thanks so much for understanding. Hopefully I will have this all figured out soon and I will be able to continue email communication with you in the future.

Until then, here is a picture I took of a cute little hut at POC! Isn't it beautiful?!?!



(posted by Heidi for Dena) :)

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